Case Study: Vapor Sound

About the Company:
Vapor Audio is pushing the boundaries of price vs performance. Look up and down our full line and you’ll see, we simply offer more than anyone else. Not only do we consistently use better drivers and crossover components than the competition, but our cabinets are in a league of their own! The “Inversion Layer” material we developed with the Cirrus Black has been adapted to every model in our lineup, and results in tangible performance improvements across the board. CNC’d stacked ply cabinets were also developed for the Cirrus Black and are used in the Arcus, Joule, and Perfect Storm models as well. Then addition of multi-layer phenolic/aluminum baffles has taken performance to another level. And the curved, pre-tensioned walls of the Aurora and Nimbus are unlike anything seen from any manufacturer, and at real-world prices.

What We Did:
New Realm Graphics partnered with Colorado-based design company, Rosstamicah Design to develop the website and create the original logo for the Company. We used Adobe Photoshop to edit the imagery and create the logo and WordPress to develop the website.

Project info
Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development
WordPress, Adobe Photoshop